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The Company Firehouse Brands LLC, is launching its first ever 10 hour Atomic Energy Shot come late 2010. This 10 hour shot is in a beautiful 4 oz red bottle, containing a delicious Tropical Red flavor and will be known as Firehouse Atomic 10 hour Energy Shot which can be found in most local gas stations, convenience stores, local super markets,  on our web site, facebook and  twitter.    This shot contains energy boosting  vitamin B ingredients that can make the key difference in your daily activities  whether  it be working out at your favorite gym ,cycling, hiking, on the job or just on the run!  Firehouse Brands will also launch its first ever energy drink come early 2011.   Which can be found in  a  12 oz and 16 oz cans available in Tropical Red and Citrus Orange flavors.

Firehouse Brands has be active for the past 33 years with a facility located on 200 acres in Townsend, Georgia.  Here you will find we are a used fire truck apparatus dealer, sales leasing and refurbishing facility of fire trucks and army trucks.  We have our very own machine, fabrication and paint shop.  Our present inventory consists of approximately (20) fire trucks, (35) parts fire trucks and (50) army trucks.  We specialize in Airport fire fighting vehicles, municipality fire and ladder trucks.   We have supplied fire trucks all over the world.Racing is also a very large part of Firehouse Brands. I have been racing with the Ferrari challenge Team in the past 2010 season and for the past five years.  Before that I was racing with Boardwalk Ferrari and Three Seasons with Sheldon Ferrari.  Firehouse Brands will be a big promoter in the racing industry in the coming years.   We just acquired a 2006 Formula One Super Aguri.  This car is one of the newest and will be used as a testing car for formula one in the United States.  It is equipped with 90 HP Cosworth engine and Lola Formula One Transmission.  This car was formally Honda of Japans car raced by driver Takuma Sato.  This is one of our new acquisitions primarily hoping to promote racing in the future.

Our new venture is with Avocet Ecuador we have been diligently working with Petro Ecuador to procure 750,000-1,200,000 barrels of oil each month.  This is one of the largest acquisitions Firehouse Brands has become part of over the past 33 years.  We will be supplying oil to South America and Asia this will also enable us to promote our racing.

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